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And interactive job is scheduled onto a worker node just like a regular job.  You can provide options to the interactive job just as you would a regular SLURM job.

Priority for short jobs

To run short jobs for testing and development work, a job can specify a different quality of service (QoS). The short QoS increases a jobs priority so it will run as soon as possible.

SLURM Specification
titleLimits per user for 'short' QoS
  • 6 hour job run time
  • 1 job of 16 CPUs or fewer
  • No more than 256 CPUs in use for short jobs from all users
Code Block
titleUsing the short QoS
srun --qos=short --nodes=1 --ntasks-per-node=1 --mem-per-cpu=1024 --pty $SHELL