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Unfortunately, the $WORK directories are created as a short term place to hold job files. This storage was designed to be quickly and easily accessed by our worker nodes and as such is not conducive to backups. Any irreplaceable files should be backed up in a secondary location, such as Attic, the cloud, or on your personal machine. For more information on how to prevent file loss, check out Don't Let This Happen To You: Preventing File Loss.

How do I (re)activate Duo?


Long answer: The amount of resources required is highly dependent on the application you are using, the input file sizes and the parameters you select. Sometimes it can help to speak with someone else who has used the software before to see if they can give you an ideal idea of what has worked for them.

But ultimately, it comes down to trial and error, ; try different combinations and see what works and what doesn’t. Good practice is to check the output and utilization of each job you run. This will help you determine what parameters you will need in the future.