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The easiest and fastest way to access Attic is via Globus. You can transfer files between your computer, our clusters ($HOME and $WORK on Crane, Tusker, and Sandhills), and Attic. Here is a detailed tutorial on how to set up and use Globus Connect. For Attic, use the Globus Endpoint hcc#attic.  Your Attic files are located at /attic/<groupname>/<username> ~.

Transfer Files Using SCP/SFTP

The transfer server for Attic storage is named

Code Block
titleSCP Example
$ scp /source/file <username><groupname>/<username>/destination/file
Code Block
titleSFTP example
$ sftp <username>
Duo two-factor login for <username>
Connected to
sftp> pwd
Remote working directory: /attic/<groupname>/<username>
sftp> put source/file destination/file
sftp> exit