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module commands provide an HPC system user the capability to compile into their source code using any type of library that is available on the server. The module command gives each user the ability to modify their environmental PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH variables.

Please note that if you compile your application using a particular module, you must include the appropriate module load statement in your submit script.

List Modules Loaded

Example Usage: module list
module list

No Modulefiles Currently Loaded.
echo $PATH

List Modules Available

Listing Modules Available
module avail

---------------------------------------------- /util/opt/Modules/modulefiles ----------------------------------------------
NCL/6.0             bowtie/2.0.0-beta6  compiler/pgi/12     hdfeos5/1.14        mplus/7.0           szip/2.1            
NCL/6.0dist         compiler/gcc/4.6    cufflinks/2.0.2     hugeseq/1.0         netcdf/4.1          tophat/2.0.5        
NCO/4.1             compiler/gcc/4.7    deprecated          intel-mkl/11        netcdf/4.2          udunits/2.1         
R/2.15              compiler/intel/11   hdf4/4.2            intel-mkl/12        openmpi/1.5         zlib/1.2            
WRF/WRF             compiler/intel/12   hdf5/1.8            lsdyna/5.1.1        openmpi/1.6         
acml/5.1            compiler/open64/4.5 hdf5/1.8.6          lsdyna/6.0.0        samtools/0.1        
bowtie/0.12.8       compiler/pgi/11     hdfeos2/2.18        mplus/6.12          sas/9.3    

module load module-name

Places the binaries and libraries for module-name into your PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH

Example Usage: Loading Desired Module
module load compiler/pgi/11
module list
Currently Loaded Modulefiles:
 1) compiler/pgi/11 

echo $PATH

module unload module-name

Removes the binaries and libraries associated with module-name from your PATH and LD_LIBRAY_PATH

Example Usage: module unload
module unload compiler/pgi/11

module list
No Modulefiles Currently Loaded.

echo $PATH

module purge

Purges all previously loaded module libraries and binaries from your PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH

Example Usage: module purge
module load compiler/open64
module load zlib/1.2

module list

Currently Loaded Modulefiles:
 1) zlib/1.2             2) compiler/open64/4.5 

module purge

module list

No Modulefiles Currently Loaded.

module help

To see a complete list of module commands/options.

Example Usage: module help
module help
Modules Release Tcl 1.144       Copyright GNU GPL v2 1991
Usage: module [ command ]
        list                     [switches] modulefile [modulefile ...]
        display  |  show                    modulefile [modulefile ...]
        add  |  load                        modulefile [modulefile ...]
        purge  |  rm  |  unload             modulefile [modulefile ...]
        reload                              modulefile [modulefile ...]
        switch  |  swap                     [oldmodulefile] newmodulefile
        avail                    [switches] [modulefile [modulefile ...]]
        whatis                              [modulefile [modulefile ...]]
        help                                [modulefile [modulefile ...]]
        path                                modulefile
        paths                               modulefile
        initlist                            modulefile
        initadd                             modulefile
        initrm                              modulefile
        initclear                           modulefile
        initprepend                         modulefile
        use                                 dir [dir ...]
        unuse                               dir [dir ...]
        source                              scriptfile
        apropos  |  keyword  | search       string
        -t              terse format avail and list
        -l              long format avail and list




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