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Every HCC user has a password that is same on all HCC machines (Sandhills, Tusker, Crane). This password needs to satisfy the HCC password requirements. 

HCC password requirements

All HCC passwords must meet the following requirements when they are created or changed:

  • at least 8 characters long
  • at least 1 capital letter
  • at least 1 number
  • can not contain an existing dictionary word
  • can not contain information from user's account details (username, email)

Using special characters in the password is not required, but it is allowed. Also, the system keeps a history of the user's previous two passwords, and their reuse is not allowed.

Changing a known HCC password

To change a current or temporary password, the user needs to login to any HCC machine and use the passwd command: 

Change HCC password
$ passwd
Changing password for user <username>.
Current Password:
New password:
New password:

With this command, the user is first prompted for his/her old password. If the "Current Password" is correct, then the user is asked twice for a replacement password ("New password"). The replacement password needs to fulfill the HCC password requirements.

Resetting a forgotten HCC password

If a user has forgotten his/her HCC password, he/she should send an email to including his/her username.

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