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Globus Connect is a fast and robust file transfer service that allows users to quickly move large amounts of data between computer clusters and even to and from personal workstations.  This service has been made available for Tusker, Crane and Sandhills, and HCC users are encouraged to use Globus Connect for their larger data transfers as an alternative to slower and more error-prone methods such as scp and winSCP. 



Globus Connect Advantages

  • Dedicated transfer servers on Tusker, Crane and Sandhills allow large amounts of data to be transferred quickly between sites.

  • A user can install Globus Connect Personal on his or her workstation to enable data transfer to and from one of the HCC sites.

  • Globus will notify users via email when their transfer has completed.

  • Users can share data with other researchers who have Globus accounts.

  • Globus' simple web interface makes data transfers and sharing easy for users to initiate and manage. 

Getting Started

Users must first sign up for an account on the Globus Connect website.  Accounts are free and grant users access to any Globus endpoint for which they are authorized.  An endpoint is simply a file system to or from which a user transfers files.  All HCC users are authorized to access their own /home and /work directories on Tusker, Crane and Sandhills via the Globus endpoints (named: hcc#tuskerhcc#crane and hcc#sandhills).  Those who have purchased Attic storage space can access their /attic directories via the Globus endpoint hcc#attic. To initialize or activate the endpoint, users will be required to enter their HCC username, password, and Duo credentials for authentication.  The steps involved in activating endpoints and making data transfers are fairly straight-forward, and are described in more detail in the links on the right.

Globus Connect CLI

If you wish, you may use the Globus Command Line Interface instead of the web interface.

Usage Instructions

Use these links to learn more about the Globus Connect features. You will find detailed instructions on how to use each of the basic functions.  Please contact us at if you encounter any difficulties. 

Sign up for a Globus Account (do this first!)

Linking Accounts for Single Sign-On

Activating HCC Endpoints

File Transfers Between Endpoints

File Transfers to/from Personal Workstations

File Sharing

Creating Globus Groups




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